14 Ways To Be A Great Startup CEO

Being the CEO of a start-up sounds like fun but it also requires a whole lot from you if you are to lead the company on the path of continuous success. There are some vital traits you need to possess or develop to function effectively in your new position as a leader. The start-up world is characterized by extreme uncertainty and it requires a leader that dreams and sees the future ahead of others, find great talents to work with, communicate the vision in simple and clear terms, encourage innovative and collaborative ideas to get to the destination initially envisioned and that knows when to hand over the baton for a new leadership. The following article by Jason Baptiste fully explains the 14 important ways to be great in your new role as the CEO of a start-up company:

14 Ways To Be A Great Startup CEO (Click to read)

Source: Onstartups.com

What is the most important trait you believe every startup CEO should have? Please do share your responses in the comment section below or through your preferred social network.

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