The Battle Is For The Customer Interface


Real money can be made in retailing without the need for inventories. You can own a social media platform without the need to worry about contents. You can be the world’s largest just by bridging the gap between people and available services. In a world where the internet and the huge mobile phone adoption rates are making it easy to build relationships, go shopping, catch the latest news, listen to new songs or learn a new skill, there is no limit to how far you can go by providing an interface that links up people with people, services or products.  It’s all about the customer interface.

Companies that have been able to identify a gap in an industry and stepped up to fill the gap with a user friendly interface have made huge fortunes with less cost incurred. Tom Goodwin, in his article “The Battle Is For The Customer Interface” gave examples of such companies with details on the requirements to be successful just by building icons on a homepage for customers to interact with.

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