The shape of things to come as the world gets more hyper connected

Source: Creative Commons
Source: Creative Commons

In my previous post on “5 opportunities the internet of things will provide for start-ups”, I mentioned some industries that will be impacted in the near future, as the IoT gains momentum, thereby creating opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs. Those were my views with cues taken from current events or happenings across industries and trends.

Here are some interesting general predictions of where the IoT will take us in the next couple of years:

“In the next five years, mobility will become the true heartbeat of humanity as we rely on devices as if our lives depended on them: If it doesn’t work on mobile, it simply won’t work.”

“Thinking globally and acting locally will no longer be enough as our awareness extends beyond our planet.”

“New business models will challenge, disrupt, and shape value creation, investment strategies, business cultures, and corporate structures. In this new environment, those that adapt the fastest will be in a better position to win.”

“In the next five years, 51 percent of the talent required to succeed in the digital world will be freelance workers.”

Read more on the future possibilities that will be enabled by the IoT revolution in this interesting article by Joseph Bradley on Cisco Blogs (Click here for access).


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