Startups in 13 Sentences by Paul Graham + My Startup Book of the month.


Understanding your product or service users is key to survive the uncertain startup journey. This is well documented in the, New York Times bestselling, “The Lean Startup” book by Eric Ries also. It is the key principle that underpins the “build-measure-learn” part of the lean startup methodology. It helps to prevent building products nobody needs or processes no one uses. Paul Graham, in his article titled “Startups in 13 sentences”, listed 13 key principles necessary for startup survival. He confirmed understanding your users as the most important principle in the list. As stated by the author,

“Evolving your idea is the embodiment of understanding your users. Understanding your users well will tend to push you toward making something that makes a few people deeply happy.”

Read more on Paul Graham’s 13 startup rules for survival here (Click here to read).

To know more on how to better understand your users and avoid waste by building a product that meet people’s needs, I would advice you to grab a copy of The Lean Startup book by Eric Ries, if you haven’t already. It is the blog’s book of the month for Startup entrepreneurs. Read more on the author, what readers are saying about the book and how to order your copy here (Click here to read).

Eric Ries also has a new book set to be released soon, titled the “The Leaders Guide” which is aimed at entrepreneurs, executives, or anyone leading a project or team. According to the author,”it will be full of stories about how companies both large and small are adopting Lean Startup methods to scale successfully and operate in conditions of extreme uncertainty”. Find more details on “The leader’s Guide” here (Click here to read)

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