6 ways Big Data could affect your business

Source: Creative Commons.
Source: Creative Commons.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is here and it is generating fast amount of data, critical for business success, daily. The data being generated is set to get even bigger as the IoT continues to gain momentum. With the important role of data collection, storage and analysis, in responding to changing consumer demands and environmental conditions, big data presents an increased opportunity to measure  and respond more appropriately to these changes, which can generate huge financial returns for businesses. With these positives, comes also, a lot of negatives. Businesses that fails to prepare for the disruptive threat Big Data represents for all types of businesses, can be easily consumed with the large amount of data that will be available in the IoT era.

This slideshow from Owen Shapiro, as published on cio.com, briefly explains the 6 various ways to tackle the threats that comes with Big Data, regardless of the size of your business. Click here to access the slides and also don’t forget to check out how to become a data-driven enterprise through planning, finding the right people and building the right culture in another slideshow by Thor Olavsrud (Click here to view).


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