Entrepreneur Of The Month – Steve Job on Staying Hungry and Staying Foolish

I just stumbled upon this video again on one of the blogs I am following and it just gave me the inspiration I needed on what to share in the entrepreneur of the month (EOTM) category. This month’s entrepreneur whose real name is Steven Paul Jobs, but popularly addressed as Steve Jobs, is one of the world’s most influential co-founders and inventors. The video was since recorded back in 2005 at his commencement speech in Stanford University and has received a lot of attention, from several thought leaders and media channels, over the years and till date. It is a wonderful source of inspiration that can never get old.

Since I first saw the video years ago, I have found myself coming back time and after time to watch it all over again on YouTube and every time I do, I take away a new positive lesson. The video clearly explains everything on entrepreneurship such as  what it takes to start (Passion); how to start (Connecting the dots backwards vs forward and by following your intuitions); how not to start( by being trapped by dogma); and how to proceed after starting (by staying hungry and foolish).

I believe there are a lot of lessons to learn about our entrepreneurial self in this 14minutes loaded video. Hit the play button below to watch:

Kindly share your views on this video and on any lesson(s) learnt in the section below. Your opinions are highly valued and can help inspire the next startup entrepreneur.

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