5 tech trends that will change the mobile world in the next 10 years

Image source: Creative Commons
Image source: Creative Commons

Our world is changing even more rapidly with advancements in technology at its centre. New crowdsource apps, Uber-like platforms, mobile payment technologies, wearable technologies etc. are all seeing the light of day thereby, influencing how we interact with our environment. Big industries like the automotive, aviation and mobile phone industries are rapidly changing and new products are been tested such as the driverless cars, drones etc, with no set date yet for a full launch.

However, understanding these changes in mobility, brought about by rapid changes in technology is essential, in order for businesses to conduct a regular opportunity/risk assessment of such changes on their respective strategies and better position their offerings going forward.

Below is an interesting and informative article on the five tech trends that will change the mobile world in the next ten years, shared by Alex Scroxton on computerweekly.com. Click here to access this article and kindly share your thoughts, in the comment section below, on these mobility changes and its effects on us as humans in the near future.

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