Entrepreneur of the month – Warren Buffett’s best advice

Popularly known as the “Sage of Omaha”, Warren Buffet is a wise investor and a very successful one at that. He is currently the third richest man in the world with a net worth of $64.2 Billion, most of which he acquired by investing in businesses. One of his notable investments was in a textile manufacturing firm known as Berkshire Hathaway, which he took over in 1962 as a struggling company and made it the fourth most valuable public U.S. company as at February, 2015. He is a man known by many as of great character, intelligent, frugal but yet very philanthropic in nature. He pledged to give away a substantial part of his fortune to support notable causes around the world, through several charity organisations.

He is a role model and mentor to me and many people across the globe today. As the entrepreneur of the month, we are sharing one of the best advice Warren Buffet ever received from his parents, while growing up in Nebraska – to love unconditionally. Click the play button below to listen to Warren explaining why this is the greatest power on earth.

I agree and completely believe the followings:

  • That business founders today or aspiring entrepreneurs, that endeavours to build their businesses on a foundation of unconditional love for their target market will make value delivery priority over value capturing. Customers will always come first.
  • That a leader who creates a culture of unconditional love, will always walk the talk, boss less and serve his/her people more. Employees will always be treated equally and not made to feel any lesser.
  • That organisations around the world that makes unconditional love their driving force, will consistently champion initiatives, which will make the world a much better place for all. Giving back to the community and environment will be their habit.
  • And finally that loving yourself unconditionally is the best thing you could ever do to the brand -YOU, and first step to becoming all you can be.
Source: Mark Sterling
Source: Mark Sterling

What is the best business lesson you learnt from Warren Buffet? Feel free to share your comments in the section below. Also remember to spread the love by using the like and social media buttons below. Ciao!

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