A rapidly changing world requires change-makers with a purpose and an ability to create the future. According to Kjaer L. A.(2013), change-makers are those who are actively creating the future by prioritising openness; striving to make a positive difference by engaging and collaborating with other ventures; engaging with people by building a community and meaning and; and are authentic and honest by sharing their purposes.

The author, in an article titled “Global Citizens and Digital Creativity”, shared eight key trends shaping the smart society and how an organisation can leverage on the “4P model” to realign itself to be better positioned for the challenges ahead, brought about by changes in our environment, in order to achieve sustainable success. As Kjaer explained, we have moved past the 20th century where profit only matters to a century where profit, people, planet and purpose should be balanced in order to achieve lasting success. Read the rest of this interesting article here and feel free to share your comments regarding this post below and other posts on this blog in their respective comment sections. Thank you.

Global Citizens and Digital Creativity (Click here to read)

Anne Lise Kjaer is a futurist, and founder of the London-based trend forecasting agency Kjaer Global. Visit the company page here.


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