How The Sharing Economy Is Spreading And Helping Us (Infographic)

Nowadays, you cannot only share car rides, you can also share bikes and earn money. It’s a trend picking up across the world now especially when it is a more sustainable means of transportation needed mostly to reduce Co2 emissions and its effects. This gas, at 82%, was the most emitted greenhouse gas in 2013 and it has been recorded as a gas that last for thousands of years in the climate system thereby making the Earth warmer than it would otherwise be. The following Infographic shows the top 40 countries by total emissions in 2013, given as totals and per capita:


However, it is refreshing to see the bike-sharing trends picking up, especially in some of the countries shown in the chart above, in order to further reduce the effect of emissions on climate change. There is still a lot more to do to meet the climate change goals of the UN by 2030, which presents enormous opportunities for more startups willing to contribute in solving one of the world’s biggest problems. Check out the infographic, published originally on below:

Infographic: Bike-Sharing Is Taking Off Around the World | Statista

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