Entrepreneur of the month- Anita Roddick on “Readiness, Opportunity and Action”

Source: /2008/09/12/remembering-anita-roddick-a-year-after-her-hasty-departure/
Source: /2008/09/12/remembering-anita-roddick-a-year-after-her-hasty-departure/

Dame Anita Roddick was a successful British entrepreneur, activist and campaigner. She started her cosmetic company called “The Body Shop” in 1977, which grew to over 2045 stores worldwide and over 77million customers in 51 markets within 30 years of its existence. She built the business on an idea that came from her past experiences travelling, living and witnessing how people live in various parts of the world. She also discovered way early the power of storytelling and most importantly, the business benefits of being socially responsible.

Anita was known for her campaign against Animal Testing and her works with disadvantage children in Europe and Asia. She spoke up on various issues ranging from ending domestic violence to abolishing the death penalty. Her company was one of the first to promote “fair trade” with third world countries. The benefits surfaced as “The Body Shop”  soon became a multi-million pounds business spanning the globe. It was later sold to L’Oreal in 2006 for a whooping 652 million pounds. Anita was designated by the Queen of England as the Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire and she was also a recipient of several awards worldwide.

In the video below, Anita spoke on how to navigate from readiness and opportunity to action as an entrepreneur. She explains the role information plays in the process as an enabler to act. She described sourcing for information as “having an antenna that can enable you see what’s out there”. She mentioned the need to be opportunistic also because it is about taking advantage of an opportunity to solve a problem, leveraging on the quality of information you possess. Finally she emphasized the need to be educated on information, specifically from the “frontrunners”, in order to move into action to start sustainable businesses. Watch the 3 minutes video clip below and feel free to drop your comment, like and follow the blog for new post notifications. Have an awesome month!

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