Entrepreneur of the month – Mark Zuckerberg on 3 keys to success


It’s is the last month of the year and time for our usual entrepreneur of the month’s series. This month we are sharing another secret to mega success from one of the youngest and most influential entrepreneurs on the planet today – Mark Zuckerberg.

He needs no identification, as he is the founder of one of the most utilised personal and business networking platforms available today, known as Facebook.com. Founded in 2004, the social networking site was an instant hit with up to 1200 students registered within 24hours of its launch. The number of registered users grew from 30million in 2007 to over 1 billion in 2014, making Facebook.com the most powerful social networking platform in the world and, of course, it’s founder – one of the richest men in the world today.

Mark wasn’t a newbie at launching social networking websites as he wrote the codes and launched platforms such as Coursematch (allows users to view people taking the same degree as theirs) and Facemash (used in rating people’s attractiveness), while on campus as a student of Harvard. He launched and funded thefacebook.com, the first version of Facebook.com, with Eduardo Saverine (classmate) and two other Harvard university students joining the team later on. Today Facebook boasts of over 7000 employees and huge mobile monthly active users (751million) to account for why the company is one of the biggest in the world in size, revenues and impact. As a leader of such a global movement, Mark Zuckerberg explains some of the most important factors of success.

According to him, moving fast, being bold and focusing on long-term impact are 3 essential keys to his own success and he is sharing that to inspire other entrepreneurs willing to achieve good success in their fields of endeavour. According to Mark, “Opportunities don’t come that often. So when you get one, you have a duty to build it up and make it what it can be.” Watch the rest of the 1minute video clip below and feel free to like share or drop your comment in the section below. See you at the top in 2016!

Source: The Business Insider

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