Entrepreneur of the Month – Jack MA on Success


Jack Ma, the brain behind the billion dollar e-commerce company known an Alibaba.com, is a man full of inspirations. He saw the future and started a web business before anyone else could think of it in China. He built the first registered Yellow Pages version for China, known as China Pages, which didn’t do so well, before foraying into online retailing which gave birth to the giant e-commerce company we know today. He is a man that knows and loves what many people dread such as rejections, mistakes, risks and failure, which are all important ingredients for entrepreneurial success. He has being rejected many times on his way up; he calls mistakes an income and notably stated that “opportunities lies in places where you find worries”. These and many more makes him a body of knowledge for entrepreneurs to constantly learn from.

After attracting popular investors for his Alibaba.com venture, he ventured into other e-businesses such as ‘Taobao’, ‘Lynx’ and ‘Alimama’. Taobao competed with Ebay China successfully and attracted big investors such as Yahoo, who doled out $1 billion to the Alibaba business. This led to the creation of other subsidiaries such as Alipay and Alibaba cloud computing, which have all achieved global success independently and enriched the business and technology ecosystem around the world. Today, Alipay facilitates more payment globally than Paypal does and Alibaba’s IPO made history as the largest public offering for a U.S. listed company at the New York stock exchange, as well as, made Jack Ma, the richest man in China.

The business tycoon, who enjoys sharing his expertise, especially with the young ones, discussed in this short video clip, the steps to achieving success as an entrepreneur. Click the play button below to watch the video and feel free to like share or drop your comments in the section below.

Happy new month!

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