We are all equal. Don’t allow anyone to tell you that differently

Male equals female
Image credit: http://www.epe.admin.cam.ac.uk/gender-based-inequality

Everything that moves has a source of power or an engine behind it and my curiosity led me to think about a vehicle’s engine. No matter the size of the vehicle, the powerhouse is its engine. If it refuses to start, the vehicle cannot fulfill its core purpose, which is to move people, goods or anything from one place to the other. Basically, the life of a vehicle is in its engine and the engine quality determines the vehicle’s performance. Then I pondered further on what the human engine could be that enables us to function the way we do. That vital organ that every other organs and tissues of our body depends upon to make us function appropriately as human beings. The heart has been stated as our body’s engine.

One unique thing about this engine that we have as healthy living beings, and that makes us different from the engine of a vehicle, is that it works 24/7 without ever breaking down. Since blood formation happens internally in the human’s body, the heart has all it needs to carry out its duty continuously, unlike a vehicle that requires fuel and wasn’t built to run continuously for days or weeks non-stop. That being said, a few points strikes me about this engine in our bodies, which are:

 We are illimitable: With every other part working perfectly, a good engine and fuel, a vehicle will face any road to go wherever its driver wants it to go. It will go against all forces e.g. wind, gravity etc. to get its passengers to their destinations. Similarly, with our engines (heart), fuel (blood) and driver (our minds), we have everything we could ever need to be illimitable; to reach any height we desire in life. There is no dream too big that we cannot birth or a sky too high that we cannot touch. As long as our heart beats and our mind is set, there are no limitations to success except the ones we create or allow inside of us.

We are powerful beyond measures: Every other engine, man-made or in other living things such as animals, are all under our control. We basically have the power to determine their lifespan or fate, due to the levels of care we apportion to each of them. But the engine we carry is ours to control. We determine what gets it to beat fast and what calms it down. No other person has access to our powerhouses unless we give him or her the keys. When we make up our minds, there is no limit to how much we can achieve or how far we can go in life as long as we breathe.

What these translates to, as we recently celebrated women all over the world, is the time has come to intensify our efforts in closing the gender gap and for women to take their rightful place at all levels globally. As human beings, we all carry the same engine inside of us, so there is nothing a man can do that a woman cannot. The playing field should be levelled across all sectors and the women empowered to take on all kind of roles, aside maternal and marital roles that most have been confined to. There is a connection between gender equality and economic growth, as argued by scholars. Any family, organisation or society that is not ready to get rid of all forms of glass ceiling, traditional ideologies and conventions about women in general, is not ready for an inclusive growth system. Policies that aids the development of girls educationally, discourages workplace barriers for women’s promotion up the corporate ladders and provide a conducive environment for widows to thrive need to be passed and properly executed.

For all young female entrepreneurs (as this post will be incomplete without touching base with this blog’s purpose of empowering entrepreneurs globally), remember that you are illimitable and powerful. You are in no way different from every other male entrepreneurs and your engine was naturally built for a period of heart pumping activities such as we are in now. Scientists said that a woman’s heart beats faster than that of a man. You will be underutilising such an engine if you don’t stand your ground and continuously engage in the entrepreneurial activities happening around you, as a player, influencer or even a policy maker. So go ahead and be that change you want to see in the world without ever giving up. Don’t let the society’s perception of what the men or women can do, or should do, stop you. We are all equal; don’t allow anyone to tell you that differently.

Happy International Women’s day!


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