My top 10 quotes on Vision for Entrepreneurial Success


Successful intra- and entrepreneurs knows the importance of having a vision. It was what Bill Gates had when he said he wants to make sure there is ” a computer on every desk and in every home running” several years ago. Even Steve Jobs never builds a product if it is not in anyway related to his vision for Apple in order to avoid building a ‘me too’ product. Great business leaders of the past and in the present talks about this 6-letter word as a vital ingredient for success. But what exactly is vision and why is it important for entrepreneurial success?

As famously said, you cannot create what you cannot see. Seeing that which doesn’t exist yet, like it does, is what vision entails. It is the bigger picture for yourself or your business. As an entrepreneur, your vision is all you have from the start and it is what will usually keep you going in the face of all unavoidable challenges. It can be used to attract and keep the good people or key players you will need to realise your dreams since you probably cannot accomplish such it on your own.

That is why influencers and successful business mentors stress the importance of having a vision for your self or your business, because you will be better off starting with that.

So I researched and gathered 10 of the most powerful quotes on vision to shed more light on it and why it is necessary for entrepreneurial success. Find them below and feel free to like, comment or share it using the social media buttons below. Also, follow my blog to get instant notifications of posts that will help prepare you for your entrepreneurial journey.

Have a successful week!



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