Entrepreneur of the Month – Jeff Bezos’s advice to entrepreneurs

Welcome to another Entrepreneur of the month series where we share entrepreneurial lessons via a video from those who have started and ran successful businesses.

This month’s feature is a man known to many as the brain behind Amazon, the popular online bookstore that disrupted the traditional book industry with its online business model. He is popularly known as “Jeff Bezos” but his full name is “Jeffrey Preston Bezos”, born to a teenage mom in January 1964. As a child, Jeff first showed a bit of his genius side when he physically dissemble his crib because he wanted to sleep in a normal bed without the protections built beside it, as noted in his biography on the Business Insider. His technological interest was noticed when he rigged the alarm system in the family home to keep his younger siblings out of his room. He knew his path was entrepreneurship and showed great interest in space exploration since he was a child. He once told his teachers that the future of mankind is not on this planet, a belief he still holds dearly and that he is currently working on being a part of that predicted future. Today, he is the 4th richest man in world and one of the most powerful men in the tech industry.

During one of my MBA study days, on the Creative Leadership module where I was tasked with comparing two leaders and their leadership styles, Jeff Bezos was one of the leaders I wrote about. I find his life and style fascinating and as a perfect example of a man that truly lives in the future. Aside from his predictions on the future of mankind and tech, he often thinks of his life at 80years old and sometimes makes current decisions based on what he would like to have accomplished by that age. He used this approach in deciding to leave his well-paid full time job to start Amazon because he felt he might regret it at 80years old if he didn’t take advantage of the Internet revolution occurring at that time. This is one of his success principles and has led Jeff to launch other hugely successful companies such as the cloud computing company “Amazon Web services”, a space exploration company known as “Blue Origin” and an investment company “Bezos Expeditions”, which has invested in billion dollar startups such as “Airbnb”, “Workday”, “Twitter” and “Uber” to name a few. He also made headlines when he acquired the Washington post for $250 million to rejuvenate it, a task he has once again succeeded in doing as the publishing company is currently “bubbling with new ideas” from its initial declining state, as stated by Fortune.com.


Image Credit: http://fortune.com/amazon-jeff-bezos-prime/

Being a man with a proven ability to turn everything he touches into gold, I am sharing with us one of his videos where he gave his most important advice to entrepreneurs. In the 2minutes video below, Jeff talks about the power of Passion and how to avoid one of the most common entrepreneurial pitfalls of all which is chasing the hot passion of the day, a sure route to failure or unfulfillment and distress, if proper research is not done before venturing. Click the play button below to watch and feel free to share your comments in the section below. Also follow my blog to receive notifications of new posts only via email.

Happy new month in advance!




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