What does it really mean to be an entrepreneur?

In my last writeup, I talked about the lack of consensus for entrepreneurship definition theoretically because of its complex nature. It’s has been widely described by researchers as the exploitation of an opportunity but when it comes to practitioners, they all see and define it differently. Check out the following quotes from experienced and successful practitioners on what it really means to be an entrepreneur:

What is your own definition of entrepreneurship? Feel free to share your answers below. Also, kindly share the article using the social media buttons and follow my blog to get instant notifications of posts that will help prepare you for your entrepreneurial journey.

2 thoughts on “What does it really mean to be an entrepreneur?

  1. My definition of entrepreneurship is: “recognizing a problem that people have and developing a simple, but elegant solution”. Robert M. Donnelly, author: Personal Brand Planning for life.

    In addition to what Branson said above, he also said: “Entrepreneurial business favors the open mind. It favors people whose optimism drives them to prepare for many possible futures, pretty muchpurely for the joy of doing so”.

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