10 Rules for a Great Startup Idea (Infographic)


As commonly said, ideas are a commodity. Everyone has got one. Some ideas end up as great products or services while others failed or never saw the light of day. The secret to building a successful company lies in the execution of an idea but that doesn’t mean any idea well executed will fly. Sometimes, even well executed ideas turns out to be a complete waste of resources, with time being the most important part of that loss and cannot be regained.

There are certain items you need to run your ideas through to evaluate its viability before execution and this infographic, designed by Andrew Chen on Visualy, highlights 10 important items to use in identifying a great idea, as shared by Adeo Rossi of the Founder Institute. I found it pretty useful. Have a look below:

10 Rules to a Great Startup Idea
Image credit: visual.ly
How have you evaluated the startup/business idea that birthed your company?  Which of these items do you regard as the most important for business starters? Kindly share your experiential knowledge using the comment section below. Thanks.
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