What Wikipedia can’t tell you about Uber (Infographics).


Uber has single-handedly changed the entire dynamics of taxi services in the world. It all started in the year 2009 when the founder of StumbleUpon, Garett Camp, stumbled upon the idea of providing cab services without owning any of them. He along with Travis Kalanick started Uber and as commonly said, the rest is history.

Today, Uber operates in 467 cities across the globe and is increasing its reach with each day. However, the cab giant faces increasing challenges from competitors. Let us see who Uber’s biggest competitors in various countries are:
• United States of America: Lyft, Via, Sidecar, Flywheel and Curb
• Mexico: Easy Taxi, Cabify
• Columbia: Easy Taxi
• Brazil: Easy Taxi
• France: Blabla Car, LeCab
• Germany: Blabla Car, Blacklane
• Czech Republic: Liftago
• Russia: Gett
• China: Yidao, AA Carpool
• South Korea: Hailo, Easy Taxi, Limo Taxi
• Australia: Gocatch, Ingogo
• UAE: Careem, Easy Taxi
• India, Ola Cab, Meru
• Singapore: Easy Taxi, Grab taxi
• Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa: Easy Taxi
• Israel: Gett
• UK: Gett, Hailo
• Spain: Cabify
• Turkey: Bitaski

From the above analysis, we can conclude that Easy Taxi is the major competition that Uber is facing in most countries. However, no other taxi service has been able to match the popularity and profitability of Uber. The term ‘profitability’ has been used because as of 2016, Uber is worth more than the biggest automobile giants like Ford, Nissan, BMW, Honda, GM and more, which is quite amazing for a firm that actually owns no cabs at all. Don’t you think? As at 2016, Uber’s net worth is $62.5 billion and it has raised a total of $14.11 billion in total as funding.
To completely understand the success story of world’s most beloved taxi service, check out the infographic below prepared by Unboxing Deals.

Uber Story

If you are asked to describe the Uber service in one word, what would it be?

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This article was originally written and shared by Will Stadtman of Unboxingdeals.com for StartUp InfoPAD readers.

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