Uber-fication and the future of on-demand services.

Uber, an on-demand transportation service, was launched in 2009. Since it started operations, it has transformed the transportation industry, while contributing to the virality of on-demand startups across the world. A huge number of companies have been founded declaring that they’re the “Uber for X” such as the Uber for alcohol, the Uber for dog walking, the Uber for laundry and many more.
To show just how far-reaching the “Uber for X” trend is, GetVoIP put together a visual on 49 “Uber for X” companies, and how much they’ve been funded to date (infographic below). Although, none of the companies came close to Uber’s nearly $9 billion in funding, but around half have received some kind of funding in the past year alone, demonstrating some level of success achieved from adopting Uber’s on-demand business model in delivering value-adding services across various industries.

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But there have been ongoing debate on whether the on-demand services is still as relevant today as it was when Uber first launched in the transportation industry seven years ago. According to Reuben on the GetVOIP blog, it is widely argued that the phenomenon is fading as new markets get smarter dues to less vulnerability of these markets as compared to the transportation industry years ago. This makes new markets more difficult to disrupt. While this is true to a certain extent, the author also acknowledged that the on-demand economy is still a ticking time-bomb awaiting explosion. He pointed out that the companies that adopt this business model are not going away anytime soon as the model is still at the experimentation phase.

This makes me ponder a little on the future of on-demand services or companies. As human needs and technology changes exponentially, what are the likely effects going to be on these on-demand companies? Will there ever be a time that there would be no more an Uber model and what will the likely replacement be like? I will like to know your views as you read through this post. Kindly drop your comments in the section below. Compliments!

This article was originally written by Reuben Yonatan and shared by Alexandria Heinz, both from Getvoip.com. It was edited by the author for StartUP InfoPAD readers.

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