These TEDx videos will make your day


  • Get self motivated by this video from Scott Geller, an Alumni Distinguished Professor at Virginia Tech, in which he explained how competence, consequence, choice and community can be leveraged to achieve self-motivation and also to help motivate others.
  • Find out how you can program your mind for success in the video below by Carrie Green, a successful internet entrepreneur and founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association, which now has a network of over 140,000 women across the world.
  • This video by Dr. Crum, a professor, psychologist, and researcher on mindset, health and behaviour, demonstrates how a change of mindset can affect the outcomes that we see or experience.
  • Eduardo Briceno runs an organization that aims to help individuals, schools and other organizations cultivate a growth mindset culture. In the video below, he explained how the power of belief can be leveraged in order to adopt the right behaviors and mindset necessary to achieve set goals.
  • And lastly and with over 4million views, David Kelly shares his insights on what it takes to build creative confidence. In this video, he highlights why creativity is not only for a selected few and how you can build the confidence to discover, show and enhance your creative abilities. David is the founder of IDEO, a global design company that creates change through human-centered design.

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